Our Way

Customer orientation, networking, high-level expertise and overall economic efficiency drive the operation of Innomikko Ltd.

Customer orientation

– We only sell our customers what they really need, nothing more.

– The projects always serve the customer. At every stage of the project, we think about the ways the customer can utilize the results.

– The focus of our reports is on clarity, simplicity and consistency. The report has no value if the customer’s representatives cannot fully understand it.


– In most cases, Mikko Malmivuo, the owner of the business, is responsible for the research projects of Innomikko Ltd.

– Depending on the scope and demands of the project and the customer’s needs, parts of the projects can be delivered by subcontracting.

– The wide network of cooperation partners guarantees that every project will be executed by the best and most competent team.

High-level expertise

– The owner of the business has 20 years of experience on traffic research, which guarantees firm expert knowledge.

– The over 50 research projects lead by the owner ensure high-quality project management

Overall economic efficiency

– The overall economy of each project comprises labour costs, the executor’s competence and working efficiency.

– A light cost structure allows Innomikko Ltd to offer projects at a very cost-effective price. Feel free to ask for an offer for your project!