Expert Traffic Research

Innomikko Ltd offers services for traffic research and consultancy.
The operation of the company is driven by customer orientation, networking, high-level expertise and overall economic efficiency.

The company was established in 2008, but the owner of the business has over 20 years of experience on traffic research.

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Mikko Malmivuo (Innomikko Ltd) has a long history in winter maintenance in cooperation with the Transport Agency.
Innomikko Ltd has been responsible of several research projects connected to winter tyres.
Almost all winter traffic projects led by Innomikko Ltd have a strong connection to wintertime traffic safety.
Although the majority of Innomikko projects are related to wintertime traffic, summertime traffic project are not unfamiliar either.

Mikko’s Regards

“Our work with wintertime traffic studies will continue actively in 2018.
There is interesting results coming connected to the winter difficulty
assessment etc.”

– Mikko Malmivuo

Mikko Malmivuo

Owner of the business, consultant, M.Sc. (Tech)

phone +358 50 570 6065
email mikko.malmivuo@innomikko.fi

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